Welcome to the Charitable Dames of Delaware!

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The Charitable Dames of Delaware is a non-profit organization started in August of 2015 by five community members of the Smyrna-Clayton area. These women were joined together by Jennifer Durham who was looking to start a woman’s charity in the area offering an opportunity to help women, children, and elderly who were experiencing special circumstances. The charity would have membership opportunities giving individuals and business women the opportunity to volunteer and give back, educate, and explore their strengths in other life suits. These women would also have the opportunity to network while uplifting the community. One of the biggest tools in life is those around you. Knowing that knowledge is a key in the matter of success we as women can continue to learn from one another and continue to make leaps and bounds in society.

Jennifer Durham reached out to her community hoping that there were others that were willing to donate their time for such a mission. Shirlene Mann, Christine Bell, Amber Frushon, and Courtney Snyder took the first leap at reaching out to Jennifer Durham to learn more about her vision for such an organization and where they could provide their talents to help make a difference. After one brief meeting the women were working on the groundwork for their organization. The women started meeting weekly, they were calling and messaging each other regularly in an effort to get the organization up and running. It wasn’t more than a few months til they were having their paperwork processed by the State of Delaware and gearing up for their kickoff event.

The Charitable Dames of Delaware have been overwhelmed with the positivity, support, and interest by the local women of surrounding communities such as Middletown, Smyrna, Clayton, and Dover. Our organization has taken the interest of these women to heart and is already looking at finalizing our Strategic Planning in hopes to expand our opportunities and open chapters. We believe that the Charitable Dames will evolve into surrounding states and will eventually become one of America’s leading women’s charities bringing women from all backgrounds and demographics together to #dogood and continue the #4change movement.  We hope that you will join us in this mission and look forward to the challenge. We hope that you join us!



The Charitable Dames of Delaware Board of Directors

Jen & Her Girls